But then, I see things as black or white, and have no regard for shades of gray. ;-)


by KrosRogue? on 2004 May 14 - 06:26 | reply to this comment Measures and Men KrosRogue? wrote: If I had a wife who habitually procrastinated, I would take measures to correct that behavior. What is it about a Man who would say that and do that, that excites me? I feel like I shouldn't feel this way and shouldn't get a thrill in reading KrosRogues? words but I do. I want a man like that but let's face it there aren't many KrosRogues? around. What is it that excites me? Is it the discipline? The punishment? The dominance of the man? What?????


by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 May 15 - 04:22 | reply to this comment The Cold Analysis Some things can be analyzed, some can't, and some shouldn't. The teasingly pleasing emotional tension between a man and a woman is among the things that shouldn't. The very process tends to destroy the mystique, in very much the same manner as a scientist exploring a delicate flower mangles its beauty.


by KrosRogue? on 2004 May 15 - 07:11 | reply to this comment

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